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What I Can Do for You


Group Walks

Group walks are a fantasic opportunity for your doggie to socialise, burn off extra energy and most importantly have fun. Whether its chasing a ball or just carring around a toy, Dont worry because I got them covered. Your dog will be picked up for 60 action packed minutes of walking and then returned home satisfied. On return, your dogs needs are my top priority, therefore I ensure fresh water is avaliable and can give food if requested. 

£12 per walk

(Discount for additonal dog from the same household)


Home Visits

Sometimes its unavoidable being out all day, that is why this service aims to make sure pups left alone all day get what they need. I will visit your home for 30-45 minutes and make sure your dog is okay, which can involve letting them out, putting food and water down, taking them for a short walk, playing with them, teaching pups basic commands and just generally spending a little time with them so their day doesn't feel so long and lonely. 

£10 per visit


1-2-1 Walks

Does your doggie need maximum attention or likes their alone time? Individual walks are the way to go then! I offer 30, 45, 60 minutes of walking with all my attention on just your furry friend. Just like group walks your dog will be picked up and taken for a walk and then returned home. On return I will ensure your dog has access to fresh water and I can give food if requested. 

£15 per walk

(Discount for additonal dog from the same household)


Dog Sitting

Going on holiday? Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone. This sitting service ensures they will continue to be loved while your away. This will involve me living in your home with your dog for the duration you are away. While in my care your dog will be taken on a walk every day, fed and will be loved.